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Vin to Yin

Vin to Yin is a marriage between Vinyasa Yoga, the active part, and Yin Yoga, the passive practice. A physical and dynamic class, combined with passive stretching, with which you will build strength, awareness, and flexibility. 

In the first half of this class, Silvia guides you through sun salutations and standing poses, moving from posture to posture flowing and connecting breath and movement to warm up the body. 

In the second part, Silvia will focus on passive postures where you need to relax and hold them for approximately 2-4 minutes. This way, deep connective tissues in the body are targeted, including the fascia. You will also work on your breath to balance the nervous system and create a sense of peace that will prepare you for savasana or final relaxation. 

This class is suitable for all levels.

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