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Kids Yoga

If I had to describe a kids' yoga class in just one word, it would be FUN! 

A yoga class designed for children is very different from an adult class. We play games, sing songs, tell stories, encourage imaginative play, and do activities that engage children and give them the tools to feel calmer, happier, and more peaceful inside!

Yoga is also perfect for kids aged 3 to 6. During these classes, we sing simple songs and play games to introduce them to yoga poses. We also tell stories encouraging creative and imaginative play combined with poses to increase gross and fine motor skills. So, we have tons of fun while improving flexibility and learning important relaxation and conscious breathing techniques. 

Children aged 7 to 10 love playing yoga games and doing partner poses with friends. The fun keeps going with a focus on creative movement and conscious breathing with the introduction to meditative and relaxation techniques. We foster strength, creativity, focus, cooperation, and confidence, giving kids the tools for a happy, healthy, and balanced life. Games, stories, and music will be incorporated into this fun, non-competitive class.

Kids aged 11 to 15 practice age-appropriate yoga sequences in a safe environment where self-confidence is nurtured. The class focuses on giving pre-teens and teens tools they can use to reduce stress in their lives, promote positive body image, and increase strength and flexibility. Each class will include a series of yoga poses, conscious breathing, visualization techniques, and discussions on how to apply what they learn in yoga class to help them at home, school, and with friends. 

Kids' yoga classes are so much fun and filled with building essential tools that children can carry with them, including increased body awareness, strength and flexibility, and self-calming/emotional regulation skills.

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